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Northglenn Locksmith Q& A about Rekeying Your Locks When Moving into a New Home

When you move into a new house, there are many things you need to take care of, in general. Most of these require assistance from a well-equipped, reliable Northglenn locksmith.

What would be the first thing I need to do when moving into my newly acquired property?

We have asked our Northglenn locksmith experts at Mfi Locksmith and they all unanimously said: rekeying or changing locks throughout the property.

If you are a new house proprietor and you have bought your residence from a previous owner, you should always consider there is a level of risk to keeping the same locking mechanism you have found when you moved.

Here are a few Northglenn locksmith answers for you, about this process:

What does rekeying mean?

This is the process of adjusting existing locking mechanisms to a new type of key. Basically, your trustworthy Northglenn locksmith will have to work on changing the position of components of a lock cylinder(the pins and tumblers) so they no longer fit the original key that was used for that particular lock. It is not complicated in any way and it will not affect the security of the existing locking mechanism. The expert who performs this will also provide you with a new set of keys.

What is better: rekeying or changing the locks altogether?

Rekeying is a much cheaper solution, but certain factors have to be met for this process to work properly. First, you should know that not all locks can be rekeyed and this is a good enough reason for you not to attempt and do it all on your own: call a certified technician and ask them to evaluate the lock.

The mechanism could also be well worn out, so rekeying may not be good for this; the process might be successful but you will never be completely certain that lock isn't going to give in if somebody tries to force it. In this case, our Northglenn locksmith experts recommend a complete change of locks.

What kind of locksmith can do this job for me?

It is never a good idea to attempt a DIY, unless you have locksmith training yourself. But, as most people aren't they need to call in a certified technician. There are nine states in the United States requiring a licensing for all locksmith practitioners, so you might need to ask about this particular aspect when you call for a locksmith service.

In general though, a reliable service provider is a company that employs well- trained and well- equipped technicians, and this provider will have to be local. Our local Northglenn locksmith professionals are well versed in all kinds of security related jobs, so they can do more than just rekeying for you: they can assess the security threats around your new house and come up with a plan for enhancing safety of your family.

Another thing our Northglenn locksmith services can provide is certainty that all our technicians are properly insured, so in case your new locksmith job results in some sort of damage, your insurance company will always pay for it.

Don't wait until you have had an unpleasant incident on your property. Rekeying is a process that should be done even before you move with your family in the new house. Call our Mfi Locksmith number today and get one of our reputable Northglenn locksmith experts right at your door.